We are a small private press in Snowdonia, Wales, UK.
Between 1974 & 1990, we produced limited editions of modern and classic literature,
some of which are now rare and collected.
Recently, after a break of fifteen years, we decided to start printing and binding once again,
both to make new small editions and also to bind-up and sell the few remaining
copies of our earlier publications.

We will also advertise pamphlets, ephemera, autographed sheets, sets of unbound sheets, etc.



A note on our bindings:

All our books are made with acid-free materials. They are hand-sewn with linen thread
and then bound in various styles. Most copies are put into printed paper or card wrappers.
The standard hard-cover binding is the case. Cases are made from grey-board covered with cloth
or decorated papers. Special copies are bound in the Oxford-hollow style in quarter or half leather
(book-binding calf or goat), over hand-made mill boards, and finished with real gold blocking.
A few presentation copies are bound in full Kelmscott-style limp vellum,
protected in a solander box or portfolio folder.